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20 Must-Have Perennials For Iowa

Just as with choosing your favorite children, choosing your favorite flowers is difficult.

But I bit the bullet and did it. I chose these particular flowers because for the most part, they’re incredibly easy to grow in Iowa–they’re super cold-hardy and they’ll survive on just our natural rainfall. However, some, to look good and bloom their best, need watering in late July through September. Still, if you don’t do that, they’re not likely to…

Controlling Creeping Charlie

Creeping charlie is so pretty. Why does it also have to be so pesky? Here’s how to get it under control.

Can you believe that creeping charlie was once touted an excellent, fast-growing groundcover. Ha! It’s fast-growing alright!

But you have to admit—with its little purple flowers and round, shiny leaves, it’s pretty, too. Still, don’t be tempted. It’s a bully and if left unchecked, it will choke out grass, annuals and smaller perennials, and race its way into every…