• Pruning Roses In Iowa In Five Easy Steps

    Pruning roses is part art, part science. Get started on pruning roses like a pro by learning the basics. By Veronica Lorson Fowler The Iowa Gardener Learning to prune roses perfectly is a little like learning how to make a good pie crust perfectly. It takes practice and over the years, you figure out how…

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  • Wascally Wabbits

    Rabbit damage is enough to make you want to be an Elmer Fudd, rifle in hand. Here’s how to minimize the damage in a more peaceable manner. Coping with Rabbits • Remember that rabbit problems vary from year to year. The population may be large (and therefore eat more of your garden) one year and…

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  • How to get rid of wild violets

      Yes, they’re pretty. But these gorgeous thugs will also crowd out other more desirable plants.   By Veronica Lorson Fowler The Iowa Gardener One reasons it’s so hard to control violets is that they’re so dang lovely. When they’re in full bloom in April and May, you have to steel yourself to yank out…

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