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We're glad you like our photos and want to make one of them your wallpaper!

Short Directions:Fall Color and Blue Sky
Already know how to create a new screen saver on your computer? Then just click on the small version of the photo off to the lower right. Your computer will open the file (which is large) and then you can save it to your computer.

Detailed Directions:
First, you need to download the photo to your computer. Then, once it's received by your computer, you need to set it up as your screen saver.

To download the photo to your computer:

1) Click on the small-sized version of the photo here,which is a link to the large version of the file. This link will open the photograph in your browser.

2) Your computer should ask you if you'd like to download the file, or it will automatically open in your browser (Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.).

3) If your computer asks if the file should be downloaded, click yes.
   Windows Users: If it opens in your browser, right click on the image and save it to your computer.
   Macintosh Users: Click and hold on the image and drag it to your computer. Save it where you would like. You may have the version of the Macintosh operating system and browser that allows you to hold down the control key, click on the image, and select the "set as desktop background image" option.

To then set up the photo as your screensaver:

The way to set up your computer's desktop background depends on your computer's operating system. Here are links for the most common systems.

Windows XP (instructions from Microsoft)

Windows XP (instructions from eHow)

Windows Vista


We've posted other photographs of the first crocus in spring, snow dusted crabapples, Iowa wildflowers, fall color of a maple tree, crabapple blooms, and a ladybug on corn so that your computer desktop can be seasonally appropriate. To use these as wallpaper follow the directions above.snow crocuscrabapple tree with snowwildflowersfall color from under a maple tree

crabapple in bloom




Ladybug on corn




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