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Water Thirsty Plants Less

Create a mini-bog for those plants that like lots of water. You'll save
water, time, and your plants will be happier!

Bcros section of liner for holding wteringy Veronica Lorson Fowler
The Iowa Gardener

Here's a simple way to keep water where your moisture-loving plants like it—right at the roots.

When planting, dig out a very large hole that will reach down about as far as you expect the plants' roots to reach. Then lay a big piece of plastic down at the bottom of the hole. You can use leftover plastic liner from a water garden project, a garbage bag, or any other large piece of plastic. It's okay if you have to lay a few pieces of plastic together--even those will slow the flow of water away from the plants.

Cup the plastic so it form a basin and so it almost but not quite will reach the surface of the soil. If it's a single piece of plastic, cut several slashes in it to provide some slow drainage.

Fill with good, rich soil (the kind moisture-loving plants like) and plant!

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